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We are committed to keeping your lights on and we are constantly working to improve our storm-time power restoration process. 

Outages can be caused by:

  • Weather:  extreme heat or cold, heavy rain, lightning, floods, snow, ice, high winds  

  • Animals

  • Objects such as trees or limbs that may come in contact with a power line

  • Vehicle accidents


Outage Viewer

Our  outage viewer will show you active outages in our service territory and if you, a family member or friend has lost their power, you can keep track of how restoration of power is going.

Reporting an Outage

If you need to report an outage, please contact us at 1(877) 504-6463. Calling this number gets the information to us and our viewer faster.

You can also text an outage. To do so, you first need to have your cell phone number in our database. The instructions will give you all the details. If you have already given us your current cell phone you can start the setup procedure right here.

In the event of a power outage please follow these procedures:    

  1. Check all circuit breakers, fuses and other controls to be sure that the problem is not with your equipment.
  2. Call a neighbor to find out if they have power or look to see if neighbors have their lights on.

  3. Call Sussex Rural Electric at 1-877-504-6463 to report power outages and have your account number or phone number available. Please do not use Facebook or email to report power outages. 

  4. Leave your freezer shut. Food will stay frozen longer if the door remains closed.

  5. Turn off all major appliances (ovens, electric heaters, washers/dryers, water heaters, etc.) until power is restored to your area.

  6. Leave some lights on in your home so you can tell when power is restored.

  7. About 10 minutes after power is restored, gradually turn your appliances back on.

Tune in to local media for outage updates during widespread outages. Sussex Rural Electric is regularly in contact or sends bulletins to radio stations throughout the co-op’s service territory.  Be sure to have a portable radio and fresh batteries available.  Use the outage map link at the top of this page to see detailed information on outages in our service territory.


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