Outage Viewer

Our new outage viewer will show you active outages in our service territory and if you, a family member or friend has lost their power, you can keep track of how restoration of power is going.

If you need to report an outage, please contact us at 1(877) 504-6463. Calling this number gets the information to us and our viewer faster.

You can also text an outage. To do so, you first need to have your cell phone number in our database. The instructions will give you all the details. If you have you have already given us your current cell phone you can start the setup procedure right away.

How do you determine if an outage should be reported? If you lose power, check and make sure that your circuit breakers have not tripped. If everything is fine, call us right away. To put it graphically, see the following...

Do you have a personal or family emergency that requires assistance from a civil agency? In Sussex County, contact the Office of Emergency Management which is part of the Sheriff's Office. Click the link to the left or call: (973) 579-0380.

Storm and Emergency Preparedness

Each storm season has different requirements. For example, winter storms mean you should have plenty of warm clothes on hand while summer storms mean you should make sure you have extra water to combat thirst from hot, humid weather. That said, you can do some things in advance of any storm that will help you make it through until power is restored.

  • Have a flashlight and battery operated radio handy. Be sure to lay in a stock of extra batteries.
  • Have a hardwired phone (one without a power pack) or a fully charged cell phone for emergency calls.
  • Have a list of important numbers: family, doctor, friends. Keep it with your storm kit.
  • Stockpile water and a small supply of non-perishable food.
  • Check any emergency generator for proper operation.
  • Make sure you know how to exit your garage if it has a powered opener. Most have a red handle to pull that releases the mechanism so you can raise the door by hand. Check it in advance.
  • Make sure you have an adequate supply of medications. If the medications require an electrically operated device to administer them, be sure you have a backup power supply or a mechanical alternative. We cannot insure when we will be able to restore power so you must take steps to be sure you can administer your medications when needed.
  • During an extended outage, you might want dry ice for your refrigerator and freezer to help preserve your food. A good local source is the Ice Factory. You can call them at (973) 770-1396 or visit them online for complete details. Another good source is AirGas in Hamburg. You can reach them at (973) 827-1127.

There are other steps you can take but these basic ones will see you through most situations. To learn more about winter storm preparedness, go here. For hurricanes, go here.

You might also want to add St. Clare's Hospital 973.702.2714 and the Red Cross 973.579.1600 to your emergency phone list.

Don't Forget Your Pets or Livestock

Man's best friend needs care in an extended outage too. If you have a family pet, an exotic pet or livestock you need to be prepared to secure their safety and comfort as well as your own. The attached document gives you some details on how to do this along with links to the source of the information. .

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the causes of outages?

We make every attempt to keep your power on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That said, we are at the mercy of Mother Nature and our fellow humans. A lot of things can cause an outage. Here's a sample:

  • Squirrels, birds, snakes and other animals
  • Trees, vines and other plants
  • People - cars hitting poles, workers hitting lines
  • Lightning, wind, rain, sleet

Why can't you tell me how long my power will be out?

If the outage is extensive with significant damage to our system, we cannot always tell what has been damaged until we begin to restore power. A connection that appears to be fine may, in fact, be damaged and will not show up until the lines to it are fixed and energized. We try to provide estimates of restoration time whenever possible via the radio, television, through our voluntary e-mail alerts and via Twitter. Sign up for one of our two electronic notifications today!

Why do I need to call? Don't you know right away if we are out of power?

We won't know immediately if you are out of power. Our metering system will eventually report that your power is out but that can take time. Besides, if the outage cause is inside your home or business our metering system does not see that since our power to the meter is still there. If you lose power, check to be sure your breakers haven't tripped and if they are fine, give us a call.

I am going on a trip and am worried that my power might go out while I am away.

Here's where you need to enlist the assistance of friends or family. Some folks will leave a light on in a specific window and ask someone to make sure to check it frequently. If the light goes out, they can check your house to be sure it isn't a problem inside and then they can let us know.

We have had a big storm with lots of people out of power. It seems like mine has been out longer. What do I do?

In large storms, damage hits all parts of our system. Our crews work to restore the largest number of customers and critical need customers first then work there way through all damage. Sometimes, the power line from our lines to your house has been damaged and we simply do not see it. Here's a simple test: Check your breakers to be sure they are all set properly, check you neighbors on both sides to see if they have power. If your breakers are fine and your neighbors have power, call us and we will get our crews to help you.

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