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Sussex Rural Electric Members Now Eligible for NJ Clean Energy Program Rebates

New Jersey offers a number of programs to assist residents and business owners with the costs for identifying and implementing energy efficient upgrades in their properties. Because these incentives are funded from the societal benefits charge, a fee your cooperative (and most municipal utilities) is not required to collect, SREC members are not always eligible for these programs.

Eligibility opens up when the State receives Federal dollars for energy efficiency purposes. That has just happened and cooperative members are now eligible for a number of programs and their associated incentives. On the residential side, there are three programs to choose from; Home Performance with Energy Star, Warm Advantage and Cool Advantage. On the business side, there are two programs; Local Government Energy Audits and Direct Install.

For residential members, the Home Performance program addresses improvements to insulation, weather sealing and windows. Covered expenses include audits and the costs of energy efficient improvements (up to specific limits). The Warm and Cool Advantage programs address upgrading heating and cooling systems. All the details are online here: http://www.njcleanenergy.com/resnoniou

Business owners and local government entities can get the details on their programs at this link: http://www.njcleanenergy.com/commercial-industrial/programs/oil-propane-and-municipal-electric-customers

Eligibility began on July 1, 2014 and will continue until funds are depleted. If you have been thinking about making energy efficiency improvements, now may be the perfect time. One additional note, ETS systems do not qualify for these programs because they are viewed as resistance electric heat. That said, when paired with a heat pump in a hybrid application, the heat pump side will likely qualify.

It's Summer Storm and Heat Season

With summer storms providing the opportunity for power outages, we ask you do two things to stay up to date on restoration progress.

First, enroll in one or all of our update and outage communication options. You can receive email or Twitter updates of major outages and restoration progress or enroll your cell phone with us to allow you to report an outage by text and receive notice when power is restored.

Second, when you enroll in the Twitter or email updates, you will also receive voluntary calls for conservation on especially hot days. When you reduce use on those days, our costs drop and you save money!

While on the topic of saving money, consider enrolling your electric water heater and central AC system in our load control program. Then on hot days, savings are automated and you receive a small monthly credit for helping us save.

You can take care of all your enrollments right from this and our Outage pages!

The highest possible quality of service at the lowest possible price.

This is the mission statement of your cooperative. With the data just received in June of 2014, we are within $5.01 per year of regaining the lowest priced electric utility in NJ title. Want to help us move into the lead? Look into load control. It saved over $240,000 in 2013. Enroll your electric water heater and central air conditioner today to grow the savings, reduce operating costs, regain the #1 spot and earn a small bill credit as well.

2014 Rate Comparison

Summer Special on Cummins Whole House Generators

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Online Bill Pay Tips

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Help Us Save You Money!

Load control is the 20+ year old program your cooperative uses to save you money and gives you a $2 or $5 bill credit per month. How does it work? We turn off controlled equipment when power costs are high get more information here...

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